About Mount Isa Insurance

Mount Isa Insurance Consultants (MIIC Financial Planning) is a Corporate Authorised Representative of Charter Financial Planning Limited, a Financial Services Licensee. Accessing the products of major insurers and fund managers to provide our clients with the widest choice of companies, policies and premium rates. From whom we are paid a commission on completion of your Risk Insurance plan.

Given your authority to access the details of any current insurance and superannuation plans you may have, we will review your existing program and provide a comprehensive report including suggestions for possible improvement and/or premium savings.

Using this facility we can often provide clients with improved protection at lower premium rates than they currently enjoy. Although not always possible we strive to provide our clients with similar or improved cover at less cost. But more importantly, your program must be planned, affordable and reviewed regularly to reflect the ever changing needs of yourself, your family or business.

Please compare what you are paying currently for any existing insurance and for any new insurances being considered against our offerings.

We (Mount Isa Insurance Consultants (MIIC Financial Planning)) want you as our client and promise you the best service we can possibly provide now and in the future.

Locally owned and staffed, in operation since 1977, we offer a free fact finding and educational appointment to discuss your Risk Insurance, Superannuation or Rollover needs and invite your call to discuss these important matters at any time.



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